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How To Choose Portable Massage Table For Therapists (Scuba Edition)

Trying to start a massage therapy practice on a shoestring budget can be tough. Sone used tables often can be found for next to nothing, and many of them are still in great shape and can be used for a long time.

Buying a used portable table will also give you the chance to build up a client base and get your business in better financial shape before you spend the money to rent out a space and give massages full time.

When you’re buying a used table, there are some things that you should watch out for just to make sure the table that you’re buying is still safe for clients and safe for you to lug around.

Things to look at before buying a Portable Massage Table

The Folding Mechanism

The folding mechanism is the most likely thing to be broken on a used table.

The folding mechanism is made to withstand a lot of use but if the current owner has been handling the table roughly for a long time, then the folding mechanism could be broken or about to break.

You also should check to make sure that the folding mechanism is clean and doesn’t have any dirt or dust buildup. That will tell you how well the current owner has been caring for the table.

To check how well the mechanism works fold and unfold the massage table a few times. Pay attention to how smoothly the table folds and unfolds and look for signs of wear on the folding mechanism.

If it folds and unfolds smoothly every time and there are no stress marks on the mechanism the table should be excellent.

The Upholstery

UpolsteryInspect the Portable Massage Table upholstery carefully and look for rips, tears or stains.

Having a small stain or two doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy the table if the price is reasonable and the folding mechanism is sound.

Stains can usually be cleaned up with upholstery cleaner or even baby wipes.

Stains that are set in and won’t come out can cover with a massage table warming pad, massage table covers or a blanket but rips and tears are a cause for concern.

Even a small rip or tear can quickly become a huge hole that will make the massage table virtually unusable, also if a blanket or pad cover it.

You can often get a great deal by purchasing a table second hand.

Many of the more expensive tables can be a great value, and you could purchase a portable massage table as recommended by Health Nerdy that may be financially unreachable until your business has been operating successfully for a few years.

With proper cleaning maintenance and new covers, no-one will ever know that your table is a Used Portable Massage Table.

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